Winter is the perfect time to be RUG- addicted !!

Winter is the perfect time to be RUG- addicted !!

10th Nov 2015

With temperatures becoming frigid, the slightest kind of warmth can be appealing. The feel of cozy fuzz below your feet as you walk on the confines of your carpet or rug, is surely a great pleasure range from the cold floor beneath. Not only as the heat factor, but area rugs provide wonderful way to instantly transform any room of your home or office into just about any style decor that you might want. Rugs therefore bestow an easy approach to decking up floors and even tying up the whole home decor flow together- tying in the color, prints and overall decor theme.

The "style" of area rug you choose is either determined by a decorating theme that already exists in the room or a new style direction that you are planning to decorate that room in.

The "size" of area rug which you choose is simply decided by the measurements of the open area of floor you wish to cover. Certainly in decorating any room with an area rug, it helps to remember that one doing a bit of a "creative composition" with all the decorative elements, (i.e.- furniture, lighting, wall colors, etc.), and the area rug's size is part of that composition.

When it comes to selecting the right color, which may seem as a daunting task. The thing to remember here is that the hues being showcased on your floor should work well with the other colors in the room, but this does not mean that the "dark blue" in the your rug must exactly match the dark blue in your couch. As a matter of fact, obtaining exact color matches between area rugs and other decorative elements in the room, (such as furniture, wall color and accessories) may be nearly impossible unless one is paying to have custom-made items manufactured to specific tastes to go in the room

Area rugs at Timbergirl are visually striking that frequently exhibit an intricate pattern. A rug of this type becomes a visual focal point in a room, and adds a lot of color and texture to the setting where it is used.