Vintage. Rustic. Unique. Homey.

This is what we wanted to bring to our customers when the company was conceived. We are a family run company that takes immense pride in every product that we put on our website. To us, that means traveling to some of the most remote villages in India and connecting with and sourcing from artisans who have been creating these unique handcrafted pieces for generations.

We like to think that our customers care about their home, as home is such an integral part of being and living. It’s a lifestyle, a contemporary mix of old and new, mementos brought back from travels abroad, memories of people that you endear, put together in such a way that it provides a serene, colorful and inspiring surroundings for today’s busy life. We, Timbergirl would like our style to be global, rustic, refined and inspiring!


“We thank you for giving us the opportunity of converting your loving home in to beautiful memories”.  – Timbergirl