Time to RE-CLAIM your home!!

Time to RE-CLAIM your home!!

Posted by Aanchal Gupta on 6th Oct 2015

If uniqueness and holding up a story of its own, describes your love of furniture -Reclaimed wood is for you! Just as the name suggests, reclaimed wood is recycled or re-purposed wood from timber that has been rescued from old structures such as barns and factories, and sometimes from smaller objects like wine barrels or even old furniture. The feel and history of the wood is embalmed in its new look, which matches your take of industrial, modern or even rustic theme around your beautiful home.

With many more attributes listed in reclaimed wood, the furniture comes with added benefits:

Environmental benefits abound, some reclaimed wood creations enhance aesthetic.

Using reclaimed wood obviously keeps old timber out of landfills and also prevents the harvest and related damage of acquiring new materials that could have been used instead.

In addition, there is a rugged, natural beauty in these old timbers that Timbergirl uses to create unique new pieces with built-in character from years of weathering and environmental distressing.

We seek out wood with a story and personality that makes each of their reclaimed wood furniture completely one of a kind combined with modern elements that make the furniture, a piece of art.

With unique color and graining, no two pieces are alike, so even with huge production, your furniture piece stays one of a kind.

We skip artificial finishing that would obscure the beauty of our wood selections.

For more intriguing looks with reclaimed wood, head to www.timbergirl.com