Nesting Tables your home needs

Nesting Tables your home needs

Posted by Timbergirl on 8th Dec 2015

What qualifies as the perfect furniture we ask! Something that's beautiful, useful and does not take too much space, and still provides utility. We have a winner- NESTING TABLES!!



But they're not just for looks. The reason why nesting tables are so unique is that they hide and are able to reside in one another. This creates additional storage, which in turn creates additional space in a room. They're great for hallways or even small corners.     


Tables can be constructed of thin metal, which can then be used for dinner trays or the versatile piece can be super-short and wide, perfect for a child's height when it comes to eating, drawing, or playing with toys. You can get nesting tables made from thick wood, or even reclaimed wood which would allow the smallest piece to become a stool with the largest piece acting as a writing table. 


So although these tables often act as a part of the décor itself, they can also serve a meaningful role if they're put up to the task. So, as you make a decision, be sure to think about the multiple purposes you want these tables to perform before purchasing.