Ditch the LINE and cozy up at home this VALENTINE!!

Ditch the LINE and cozy up at home this VALENTINE!!

26th Jan 2016

Irrespective of your Facebook relationship status, Valentine's Day is a great excuse to impress and put your entertaining practice forward in style. An elegant fete can be assembled in no time, that too in the comfort of your home. Just move some furniture around and give your LOVE some space, it can be as easy as turning the coffee table into a romantic table for TWO!! Bringing everything together with an easy menu and a welcoming decor is the perfect recipe for celebrating the presence of your host.                      

Let's start by setting the table. Throw a white tablecloth as your backdrop. It provides a light, airy feel , allowing for any type of place settings. Then add a pretty runner, white plates, elegant flatware and decorative napkins. Let go off the pressure to dress and to get in a reservation, instead layout an intimate dinner and movie night at home as the perfect solution. Keep things cozy and set up dinner on the coffee table.


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Next, let's add the little touches of prettiness and few accents and decor. Just because it's Valentine's Day, you don't have to go over the top with pink. It takes a few elements to create a more sophisticated look. We like the toned down accents brought by incorporating natural elements and neutral colors. When in doubt,bring the warmth with candles and a lot of them should create the perfect ambiance. 


What's Valentine's day without the pretty flowers? A whimsical bunch of flowers in the middle of the table with this perfect vase setting is all you need for a centerpiece. You can also go with a more organic, leafy arrangement as opposed to a tight bunch of blooms. Romantic originality is the key!


Just as things start to get mushy, you can spread out some soft pillows and pull in a fuzzy blanket, while you cuddle upon the perfectly color themed rug. Some candles and a romantic flick is all you need to end the lovely day perfectly.