5 classic  furniture pieces every home needs!

5 classic furniture pieces every home needs!

Posted by Timbergirl on 30th Sep 2015

Every home functions in a different way, yet, the elements inside the four walls make it as similar in feel as they come. Let's look at the 5 classic pieces every home needs

Side Table

Whether you're decorating on a budget or spending lavish, the easiest way to add a pop of unexpected texture and whim to your home can be added by a sculpted side table. It fits the bill of not being too space greedy, while it creates nice contrasts with streamlined pieces. All while functioning as an artistic item.

Brass Accents

A glamorous yet classic way to add a little drama to any room , a brass element!. Add a touch of rustic brass scone or create a focal point with some pots, it's the most gender- neutral way to incorporate metallic style to your living.

Cozy Rugs

Not only does it feel wonderful underfoot, it is the quickest way to add texture and level to your area floor. The place looks warm and inviting. Rugs that focus prints can induce a bohemian and eclectic feel while solid colors are more luxurious and timeless.

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The Bench

Wooden bench adds color, sculpture and extra seating instantly, wherever it is placed throughout the house. Giving your furniture the versatile element, benches can easily be upholstered for a change of look and feel

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Coffee Table 

Adding an element of storage and character to your living room every gathering can be made wonderful around this essential furniture item.. Place it center or on the side for a more open feel with its multi-functional look and use. With added details of decorations, the piece quickly becomes part of your home story. 

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