ROOT Sheesham Wood Round Dining Table

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The ROOT Sheesham wood dining table is ideal for people who are looking for a rustic, old-school appeal. This table is made from strong, durable Sheesham wood and has a distinctive patina that gives it character. Such a product is suitable for people who like a more organic feel in their furniture.

This table is handcrafted and sturdy, designed to handle everyday use without losing any of its appeal. The old finish will be a charming addition to all kinds of dining rooms. If you have an urban or industrial design, this table will soften it by introducing a more organic element. If you have a cottage-style or old-school décor, our dining table will fit right in.


65 Pounds | 30" H x 51" W x 51" D

If you’re looking for a medium-sized dining table that is unique and interesting, this product is a great choice. No two tables are alike and every piece retains a distinctive charm. We use handpicked planks of Sheesham wood to construct every piece for maximum appeal.

You will find knots, distinctive markings, and small imperfections that showcase the wood’s age and life. That’s what makes this table stand out from other products available in the market.


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