Raven Grey Mango Wood Dining bench With Black Iron


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AAB188LG50 / AAB189LG60
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Every dining table requires some bench or chair. Most homeowners love distinctive and unique bench designs because they add to the beauty of the dining area. Our Raven mango wood dining bench is a great fit for all kinds of tables. It is made from sturdy mango wood and handcrafted using proven techniques. These products are durable, reliable, and have a contemporary design.

Our Raven mango wood bench has a Lagos grey color finish, which makes it an ideal match for our Raven mango wood dining table. We made these products from handpicked rough sawn wood that retains a lot of its natural characteristics. These benches will have a rustic, organic appeal to your home.


  • 50" Bench: 35 Pounds | 18" H x 50" W x 16" D | AAB188LG50
  • 60" Bench: 45 Pounds | 18" H x 60" W x 16" D | AAB189LG60

Our bench’s rustic appeal comes from its wood. We use proven cutting and polishing techniques to help retain minor imperfections like knots, disrupted grain patterns, dents, or even small cracks. These don’t compromise a bench’s physical integrity so you don’t need to worry about it falling apart.

A well-maintained bench will last for decades without losing its appeal. Make sure you wipe it down with a dry cloth and clean up spills immediately. All benches come with a beautiful finish that brings out their natural grain pattern.