Athea Live Edge Dining Table


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Live Edge Acacia wood is a naturally resilient material. It doesn’t get scratched easily and is water-resistant so it won’t warp easily. The wood is also naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to fungus, which makes it ideal for dining tables. Our Athea Live Edge Acacia wood table has a beautiful dark walnut finish with a brass iron legs. It looks and feels both sturdy as well as luxurious.

Our Live Edge wood planks are sawn and carefully assembled to create a sturdy table. The rustic, organic look makes it a perfect fit for modern homes, especially those with contemporary or urban décor.


• 70" Table: 100 Pounds | 30" H x 70" W x 35" D | AAD201NA69

All our Athea Live Edge tables are handcrafted using proven techniques. They are designed for everyday use and will last for decades if you’re careful. The surface will have distinctive markings like knots, small fissures, or disrupted grain patterns. All of these minor imperfections don’t compromise the table’s physical integrity. Your table is one of a kind and will stand out because we let the acacia wood’s natural beauty stand out.

To maintain this piece, wipe it with a dry cloth every day, remove spills or staining food particles immediately, and use protective mats or coasters.